Drifter for Housing Cooperatives and Private Properties

We take all your administration off your back!

Drifter can be integrated in any parking lots and eliminates the need for manual parking operation.

With Drifter’s full automatic parking solution, it’s win-win for everyone:

  • Your residents are satisfied ✔️
  • You save time & energy ✔️
  • You increase turnover ✔️
  • Your residential supports power stabilization ✔️

Smart Parking with Drifter

Drifter automates parking management with AI engine embedded device DrifterBOX

DrifterBOX can be installed in all types of parking spaces and is compatible with all connected OCCP EV chargers on the market.

It is equipped with a smart sensor to identify license plates, vacant/occupied parking spaces, and violations.

Plug and Charge


With Drifter, your residents, tenants and even guests are so comfortable while charging their electric vehicles. The smart sensor system identifies the driver safely and easily so instead of having to use a credit card, present an RFID tag, using an app, they can start charging by only plugging in! 

Digital parking permit for your residents
VIP codes: for your guests

You can price your parking slots and charging stations variously for different user groups, for different times of the day / days of the year.

And best of all, you can manage the entire process easily and securely through the Drifter Portal, without the need of any manual controllers.


Dynamic Spot Pricing (DSP)


The variable prices of the electricity depend on the interaction between supply and demand. So it’s unreasonable to set fixed prices for EV charges, right?

With the dynamic spot pricing feature of Drifter, you can reduce peak load by charging different prices at different times according to Nord Pool spot price.

Real-time Environmental Data

Drifter gathers and statistically analyzes environmental data in real-time. This helps you to set environmental performance goals, and create environmental monitoring reports for your estate. Drifter’s environmental data reports have legal validity and you can send these reports to the EU to meet current requirements.

Apart from air quality and humidity, Drifter also measures and reports the sound level. So the security is increased with Drifter as the abnormal sounds will be detected through sound sensors.

Park BNB & Charge BNB


With Drifter you can make your parking slot(s) and charge point(s) public at less-busy times and make a profit out of them! 

With that, you will also help to reduce the time spent in traffic and carbon dioxide emissions 🌍

Drifter offers 4 main motivations

Saving time

Offers you time-saving conveniences thanks to it’s autonomous infrastructure.

Saving energy

Supports balanced consumption of energy and helps you to get aware of your consumption in real-time.

Saving money

Reduces your existing expenses and provides extra income.

Saving planet

Promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and supports low-emission and climate-resilient development.


Let’s move towards a greener and simpler future together!

If you are interested, just let us know.