About Us

We aim to bring practical solutions to parking & EV charging ecosystem
drifter about us

Drifter is a Swedish technology company, built with a passion for bringing practical solutions for the parking & EV charging ecosystem while also looking forward to being an essential component for the smart cities. 

We are a team with diverse backgrounds from EV Charging, Business Development, IT and Security to Energy Solutions. We are aware that transportation represents a large share of the urban energy balance. So we are also researching how to support the energy consumption in our society. 


Drifter: Full automatic parking & EV charging system


We propose to be a part of the solution to protect the planet. 

  • Through accurate data on the environment and CO2 analysis, we provide the tools to work for a sustainable society.
  • Through education, goals, data and rewards, the user and society get a chance to live more sustainably.
  • Operations refuel electric cars with sustainable energy.
  • Analyzing and reducing CO2 emissions in most environments contributes to biodiversity.


What if people take the full control over their navigation, while the city serves them at its best?

By using deep-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, Drifter is the facilitator of a Smart City. It aims for an interactive and responsive environment for society, and to deliver reliable solutions for the administrators.

Powered by city-wide real-time sensing and seamless data processing, Drifter unlocks a connected city among various stakeholders, city service providers, authorities and the citizens. 

Meet the founders

Fredrik has held leading positions in sales and business development in fast-growing infrastructure industries such as Fiber and Electric Car Charging. 

He is one of the pioneers in Electric Car Charging in Sweden as he was involved the commercial era from the very beginning.

Halit has worked actively in Information Security and Innovative Energy Solutions territories for 20+ years.

Halit has worked in roles such as CEO, Operations Manager, National Infrastructure and Digitization Investigator, Enterprise and IT Architect, Project Manager and Business Developer. 

Fredrik Durling, CEO and Founder of Drifter with Halit Kosmaz, CTO of Drifter.


Let’s move towards a greener and simpler future together!

If you are interested, just let us know.