Drifter for Drivers

A smarter driving experience in the city!

Drifter is your driving companion seeking to address pain points surrounding parking & EV charging in the cities.

Designed to save you time and ensure that you do not overpay.

  • One map for thousands of parking lots and charging stations ✔️
  • One payment system for all operators ✔️
  • Statistics with breakdowns for consumptions/operator ✔️
  • Price advantages with Drifter Card ✔️

Coming soon to the app stores!

One app for all Parking & Charging

Cruising for parking have been expensive, time-consuming, and potentially misleading.

On the other hand, finding a charging station for our electric vehicles, which we set out to support a sustainable life, can often turn into a chaos by switching between too many different apps.

In Drifter app, we provide access to thousands of EV charge stations and car parks (and places that offer both) with a purposive map.

Just swipe the map in accordance to your need, choose your destination and drive with in-app navigation!


No need to preset the Parking Time!

We are aware that the parking time is difficult to predict in advance, just as we cannot foresee many things in city life.

Drifter does not create a burden by making you pre-set the parking duration.

Swipe to start, swipe back to end. Pay only as you stay.

That’s all.

Business and personal usages go separately

The Drifter app simplifies your financial processes by separating business-related and personal parking and EV charging consumptions.

You can add the company you work for to the Drifter app by entering the business code in the “My business” menu and have all your business-related consumption invoiced directly to your company.

If you are a business owner, please reach us to create your business code now.


To the spot with in-app navigation

With Drifter’s in-app navigation feature, you can reach the parking lot or charging station in the fastest possible way without switching between the apps. 

Drifter offers 4 main motivations

Saving time

Offers you time-saving conveniences thanks to it’s autonomous infrastructure.

Saving energy

Supports balanced consumption of energy and helps you to get aware of your consumption in real-time.

Saving money

Reduces your existing expenses and provides extra income.

Saving planet

Promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and supports low-emission and climate-resilient development.


Let’s move towards a greener and simpler future together!

If you are interested, just let us know.