Meet “The Drifter Approach”

Today’s people are experiencing a serious dilemma in the face of rapid technological development, which they face with many benefits and harms. On the one hand, we are grateful for the conveniences, flexibility, protection or rights that technology provides us, and on the other hand, we are disturbed or frustrated by the threat it poses…

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Dynamic Spot Pricing

Today, energy is one of the most problematic issues in many countries, especially in Europe.   On the other hand, the number of EVs is increasing rapidly as a promising solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offering cost-efficient advantages. Tens of millions of EVs will hit the load next decade. The demand for fast…

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The Rise of the EVs

Statista analysts estimate that there will be 4.4 million EVs sold in E.U. countries and they also estimate EV revenues in the European Union to amount to $120 billion in 2022. See the estimated electric vehicle unit sales per 100.000 population in EU-27 countries and the United States in the chart below:     Sweden…

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